Reinventing meat production with our disruptive technology.

We’re on a mission to reinvent meat and feed the world for generations to come.

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Cultivated meat will revolutionize the food industry.

But the scalable technologies to make that happen haven't existed, until now.

We’re writing the next chapter of food!

We believe in a better life for everyone. Including animals.

We produce slaughter-free meats that prevent animal cruelty, and support health, security and sustainability for our planet and its people.

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We take cultivated meat production to the next level.


Our unique technology platform comprises a patented 3D cell expansion environment that is designed to mimic cells’ natural environment.

Our technology is designed to produce more with less.

Cost-efficient & Scalable

Our advanced manufacturing technology can cost-effectively generate cultivated meat on a mass scale for commercialization with batch-to-batch consistency.

A unique pairing of science and culinary arts.

Culinary excellence is a combination of science and art. By leveraging the technological and scientific capabilities of Pluri, our parent company, we aim to create great tasting meat that’s nutritionally superior.


This leading breakthrough biotech company pioneered cell expansion technology and specializes in mass-scale production of stem cells.

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Israel’s largest food producer boasts nearly 100 years of experience in the development, sales, marketing and distribution of consumer goods.

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Built for today to secure what's to come.

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We’re cooking up a delicious future.


Chicken is the most widely eaten meat on the planet, and the production of soya feed has felled forests. From duck to chicken, our meats will take flight and feed the world.

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It takes up to three years to grow a cow for beef and lifetimes to undo the damage, while our cultivated beef will be produced in just a matter of weeks.

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Starting with premium meats, and transitioning to the most commonly consumed, we’re taking cultivated meat from an idea to a delectable staple that’s widely available to all.


And counting down to a better tomorrow.

Significantly faster to produce and supportive of local food production, cultivated meat uses far fewer global resources than conventional meat.

Join us now and eat happily ever after.

Follow the development of our groundbreaking enterprise and be the first to know when our delicious new products are released.

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